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2021 | UX/UI
Dir. Dustin Yellin
Dev. Elie Zananiri, Nate Turley
Audio. Mach 1
Prod. Droga5, National Wildlife Federation, Squint/Opera, Q Department, Vrai Pictures
Off. sel. Tribeca Film Festival

One of the first fine-art AR projects based on a realized sculpture to combine animation, collage and archival footage into an explorative interactive soundscape. It presents our near future, a period of global unrest and environmental destruction, spurred by raging flood waters and massive wildfires. Humanity is faced with a choice: living in ignorance or uniting to preserve what's left of our planet.

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Rio de Los Angeles

2019 | Dir. Jessica Brillhart
Dev. Superbright
Vfx. Endless Collective
Audio. Antfood
Prod. Vrai Pictures
Exec. Prod. Verizon, RYOT
Collab. Frank Gehry, OLAN, River LA
Feat. exhibit Summit LA

Rio de Los Angeles is an immersive, bi-lingual augmented reality mobile experience that invites people to learn about the history, complexities and potential of the Los Angeles River system.

“Fifty-one miles of territory. Thousands of years of evolution. How to grasp the complexity of the Los Angeles River, its history and its geological diversity in a single sitting? Well, there’s an app for that.”
- Carolina A. Miranda for the Los Angeles Times ︎︎︎

Navajo Nation

2017 | Dir. Jessica Brillhart
Prod. Lauren Simpson
Audio. Luke Allen, Silversound
Exec. Prod. Google
Collab. Navajo Nation of Bluff, Utah, Google Spotlight Stories, Ann Druyan
Off. sel. Sheffield DocFest

Navajo Nation transports the visitor to the mesmerising wide-open spaces of Monument Valley to study four scenes of modern Navajo life... Brillhart does not assume the POV of a Navajo, rather a genuine visitor – someone who is still, calm, reflective and respectful of the places they have entered.”
- Marisol Grandon for BFI’s Sight & Sound Magazine ︎︎︎

Excerpt from XR4C keynote It’s All Game Design ︎︎︎