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2021 | UX/UI
Dir. Dustin Yellin
Dev. Elie Zananiri, Nate Turley
Audio. Mach 1
Prod. Droga5, National Wildlife Federation, Squint/Opera, Q Department, Vrai Pictures
Off. sel. Tribeca Film Festival

One of the first fine-art AR projects based on a realized sculpture to combine animation, collage and archival footage into an explorative interactive soundscape. It presents our near future, a period of global unrest and environmental destruction, spurred by raging flood waters and massive wildfires. Humanity is faced with a choice: living in ignorance or uniting to preserve what's left of our planet.

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Rio de Los Angeles

2019 | Dir. Jessica Brillhart
Dev. Superbright
Vfx. Endless Collective
Audio. Antfood
Prod. Vrai Pictures
Exec. Prod. Verizon, RYOT
Collab. Frank Gehry, OLAN, River LA
Feat. exhibit Summit LA

Rio de Los Angeles is an immersive, bi-lingual augmented reality mobile experience that invites people to learn about the history, complexities and potential of the Los Angeles River system.

“Fifty-one miles of territory. Thousands of years of evolution. How to grasp the complexity of the Los Angeles River, its history and its geological diversity in a single sitting? Well, there’s an app for that.”
- Carolina A. Miranda for the Los Angeles Times ︎︎︎

Traverse Immersive Audio Platform

Live demo at SXSW ︎︎︎

2019 | Dir. Jessica Brillhart
Dev. Superbright
Audio. Antfood, Mach 1
Prod. Bose, Vrai Pictures
Collab. Bose, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Authentic Brands Group, Sony Legacy, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Sony Classical, Yo-Yo Ma, Sound Posting, Sougwen Chung, Gadi Sassoon, Phi Centre, Nokia Bell Labs, Ninja Tune
Off. sel. SXSW, Tribeca Film Festival, Sonar+D

Traverse is a platform for free-roaming spatial audio experiences. Using a mobile device and audio-driven AR technology, each Traverse experience takes an audio recording and makes it something you can physically move through. You can explore a sound field as you like. You can hear things from another perspective. You can walk towards or away from the singer, or the drummer, or the audio engineer. You can witness a mix morph and change around you as you move through it. You can go back in time or travel into another dimension. All this happens through powerful immersive audio – and from the comfort of wherever you are. Welcome to the next steps in listening.

Winner of the Special Jury Prize for “Future of Experience” at SXSW and part of Bose AR’s early developer program.

“Forget VR headsets: The next frontier for immersive storytelling may be your headphones.”
- Janko Roettgers for Variety ︎︎︎

“When I hit play, I was surrounded by the opening guitar riff of ‘Suspicious Minds’ and, almost immediately, took a step back as I heard Elvis belting vocals right in front of me. As I walked around, it was almost like I was moving among the ghosts of Elvis and his crew -- if I really wanted to focus on the drums or horns, I just had to move left or right. And when I turned around, every bit of the song moved with me.”
- Devindra Hardawar for Endgadget ︎︎︎