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Conditions at Omaha

2016 | Dir. Jessica Brillhart

Conditions at Omaha is a three-minute long VR experience that surrounds you with four local forecasts from Omaha, Nebraska that were televised in the 90’s on The Weather Channel. While you’re in the middle of this Omaha multi-weather-verse, you’re also bathed in the smooth jazz stylings of the biggest-selling instrumental musician of the modern era and Weather Channel favorite, Kenny G.

the greatest 360 video ever made
- Casey Neistat ︎︎︎

Is there a more comforting experience than sitting in your childhood living room, hypnotized by the green confetti of The Weather Channel’s doppler radar? Probably not...
The Verge ︎︎︎

The Weather Channel like you've never experienced it
Mashable ︎︎︎

I spy someone saxy playing smooth jazz in VR ;)
Kenny G ︎︎︎